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Our Top 4 Online Meat Stores In Canada

Our Top 4 Online Meat Stores In Canada - HighEndGrillers

When it comes to getting the perfect cut of meat, going to your local grocery store isn't always the best route. That's why at HighEndGrillers we have found our top online premium meat shops to provide you with the best cuts of meat.

1.) ButcherBox- Our first stop in the meat industry is the ButcherBox, a well rounded online meat store with premium meat packages curated for anyone and any size of family or group.

Pricing and Shipping - Butcherbox allow you to build your own meat boxes or choose a number of different options. There pre-selected boxes worked at $5.38 per meal which for the quality of meat should be viewed as good value in anyone's eyes. The box sizes are the Classic Box for $129 and the Big Box for $238. This is a subscription based service so you can choose to have the box delivered every 4, 6 or 8 weeks depending on your needs but is great if you want to have a monthly family BBQ. The food is fresh on arrival and shipping is Free which is always a bonus.

HighEndGrillers Recommend - The Mixed Box. The mixed box is perfect for everyone you are feeding at your BBQ. 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef & Organic Chicken & Heritage Breed Pork gives everyone what they want.

2.) truLOCAL. If you're living in Canada, and want some grass fed beef, you will want to visit trulocal. With its wide range of Beef, Fish, and Pork. Trulocal is the best way to support your Canadian Farmers and getting the truest quality of meat delivered right to your grill.

Pricing and Shipping - Trulocal also allows you to build your own meat boxes with endless possibilities. There pre-selected boxes worked at $8.30 per meal  which is a steal of a deal for the quality you will be getting in products and customer service. There box sizes are as follows. A small box at $125. up to 18 individual portions and the regular box at $249 box/ up to 40 individual portions. This is a subscription based service, and your options are as follows with recurring shipping. You have the options of every 2 weeks/ $124.50, 3 weeks/ $83, 4 weeks/ $57.90, and 6 weeks/ $41.50. All of this with a free subscription, cancel any time, no commitment, and FREE SHIPPING. You really cant go wrong with Trulocal.

HighEndGrillers Recommend - At Trulocal we figured it would be best to completely mix it up. Complete your Box with Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon, Wagyu Ribeye Steak, Cajun Chicken Breasts and to finish off with thick cut bacon, but dont stop there because there is so much more. Your mouth will be watering when you get your first order!

3.) Meatme- Here we have a great brand and even better product satisfaction, with their 100% transparency motto they carry meat with no use of antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals. They truly are a down to earth company and that is what you will get when you shop with Meatme.

Pricing and Shipping - Meatme carries a couple different options. The first selection is the custom box, with no commitments you just order as you go, and that can run you at price of a minimum of $100/per order and you get free shipping when you spend over $185. Now secondly we have the subscription box which varies anywhere from a variety of meats, to a family, box or if you want just beef, chicken, or fish. The pricing on the subscription boxes go from $136 and 175$ and $250 for the family, Free shipping also after you spend over $185

HighEndGrillers Recommend - If you need something quick and you know your going to get everything you need for the next 2 weeks meals we would go with the variety or family box. Has all the best meats that you know and love, hassle free, and free shipping

4.) Papa Earth- A beautiful family ran business, is the just the beginning for Papa Earth. Terrific standards and they pride on using free range meat that and no use of hormones. Its name Papa Earth gives the meaning that this company cares about their animals and Mother Earth.

Pricing and Shipping - Papa Earth has the option of the three different sizes of boxes, which go as follows.. Small Box/$125, Medium Box/ $249, and Large Box/ $498, all complete with Free Shipping, and a subscription frequency of your choosing. Papa Earth also provides a great loyalty reward program which can accumulate and you can redeem back into the store!

HighEndGrillers Recommend - Depending on your the size of the group you will be feeding. The Medium or Large Box has extensive options because you can add so much to your box. There catalog is immense and we recommend you taking your time to go through it, as the possibilities are endless at Papa Earth.


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